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Tired as shit

My managerial accounting teacher tried to keep randomly collecting homework, so I dropped the class. Now I'm down to 9 hours, but it's ok because with 75% Bright Futures you only have to have 12 hours per YEAR. I don't really care if I'm in college forever, that's kind of what I'm going for. It's the most badass place ever.

I think I've decided I want to be a psychiatrist. Not that I won't change my mind, since I do all the time, but I think I will for real. I'll get a doctorate, just watch.

In the past twenty days, there have only been about 3 that I haven't been drunk. I'm not drinking tonight though, so maybe I'm not an alcoholic? About half the money on my credit card is beer, and the other half books. Oh well.

I got a different job at Publix; now I just stock frozen foods, and that's it. I'm the only one in charge/control of it, and it's kind of badass. I work Saturday and Monday mornings, and Tues and Thurs nights. That's my schedule forever. I'm getting about 30-35 hrs a week now.

I can climb the hardest side on the rock wall now, what a giant damn badass.

I was talking to this girl at work for a week or so, then my fucking manager snaked her from me. What a dick. Fuck him.

I'm trying to get addicted to smoking cigarettes, but I friggin can't. I never feel like I need one. I just smoke them when I think I probably should. But it's not working. I think it's because through my grandma and mom I am the definition of second hand smoke. I'm impervious to it now. I'm trying to get addicted just so I can show them that I can quit without a problem.

I'm going to sleep, because I haven't been sleeping much at all. Pretty much every single night there is a party of some sort here and it's not that I can't just go up to my room and it'll be pretty much quiet and I can go to sleep, but if there's something going on downstairs I HAVE to know what it is. I hate the fact that I might miss something badass, even though it's the same thing every single night. Everybody gets drunk or high or both, and then we play halo/fusion frenzy, chess, and eat a bunch of stupid food.

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