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Tired as shit

My managerial accounting teacher tried to keep randomly collecting homework, so I dropped the class. Now I'm down to 9 hours, but it's ok because with 75% Bright Futures you only have to have 12 hours per YEAR. I don't really care if I'm in college forever, that's kind of what I'm going for. It's the most badass place ever.

I think I've decided I want to be a psychiatrist. Not that I won't change my mind, since I do all the time, but I think I will for real. I'll get a doctorate, just watch.

In the past twenty days, there have only been about 3 that I haven't been drunk. I'm not drinking tonight though, so maybe I'm not an alcoholic? About half the money on my credit card is beer, and the other half books. Oh well.

I got a different job at Publix; now I just stock frozen foods, and that's it. I'm the only one in charge/control of it, and it's kind of badass. I work Saturday and Monday mornings, and Tues and Thurs nights. That's my schedule forever. I'm getting about 30-35 hrs a week now.

I can climb the hardest side on the rock wall now, what a giant damn badass.

I was talking to this girl at work for a week or so, then my fucking manager snaked her from me. What a dick. Fuck him.

I'm trying to get addicted to smoking cigarettes, but I friggin can't. I never feel like I need one. I just smoke them when I think I probably should. But it's not working. I think it's because through my grandma and mom I am the definition of second hand smoke. I'm impervious to it now. I'm trying to get addicted just so I can show them that I can quit without a problem.

I'm going to sleep, because I haven't been sleeping much at all. Pretty much every single night there is a party of some sort here and it's not that I can't just go up to my room and it'll be pretty much quiet and I can go to sleep, but if there's something going on downstairs I HAVE to know what it is. I hate the fact that I might miss something badass, even though it's the same thing every single night. Everybody gets drunk or high or both, and then we play halo/fusion frenzy, chess, and eat a bunch of stupid food.

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what the fuck has happened to you....seriously man

a couple of months ago i actually respected you...

what the hell
First thing you should learn if you want to be a psychiatrist is that your not really an alcoholic without consequences. You could drink every second of every day and not be one, in the same way that you could have one drink and be a raging alcoholic. It all depends on how it effects your life. You still work, and go to class and function. I say drink every night.
Thank you Dr. Drew!

As for the cigarette thing, WTF??? Stop that!
List of why you shouldn't smoke from a smoker:
1- Money. I spend AT LEAST $20 a week on those things.
2-You hair/clothes/breath/everything about you smells like smoke, all the time.
3-You wake up (like I did this morning) with your chest hurting becasue you smoked too much, becasue you keep trying to get that nicotine fix.
4-You can't make it through class with out "going to the bathroom" and smoking.
5- It's just stupid.

PS- I want to come to visit you freaking soon. Let me know when you're free.

Hey Chuck, it's your whore ass neighbor.
I totally just added you, so...
add me back?